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17 years in the making of Inspiration Agency

17 years in the making of Inspiration Agency

In 2005, Lance Armstrong won the seventh Tour de France and retired. Germany got their first female canceller, and SF dominated the box office with Star Wars and Chronicles of Narnia. Somewhere in the middle, the Inspiration Agency started its journey. What began as a web-building company grew into a digital marketing agency.

Over 17 years, we've gained a wide range of clients from various industries. As marketers, we often say that you need to know a little bit of everything to get the job done. Even though it is a going-around joke in our office, there is some truth.

Throughout our careers, we faced many obstacles. There were many tough times and economic crises, but in the end, we always managed to get through due to our resiliance and motivation.

So, "How to celebrate this and all of our achievements?" We chose to replace our office with the beautiful sights of Kvarner, a bay in the northern Adriatic Sea, for such an occasion. A new environment and fresh sea air inspired and motivated us even more to produce top-quality content and improve ourselves further.

There are many goals for the future, and you may help us achieve them by allowing us to assist you with yours. If you need an extra hand in promoting your business, contact us!

Stay in touch with our work and projects by following us on our Social Media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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