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Adapting the strategies for social networks in the age of coronavirus

Adapting the strategies for social networks in the age of coronavirus

It is a time of uncertainty. That is clear to everyone. Still, our job is to do marketing, and the beauty of living in 2020 is that we are connected online. Once we move away from the life challenges, we enter a world where we want to educate, have fun, and offer those people on the other side of the screen added value in their day.

From the first day of the COVID-19 situation, there has been crisis communication, night work, weekend work, and online 25/8 presence. And we are not planning to stop! There is still crisis communication, night work, weekend work, 25/8 presence. No worries, we are not complaining. When times get tough, we get tougher!

Here are some strategy changes we had to make for our client's social media at the beginning of the crisis that may inspire your work.

1. The brand strategy rotated for 360°

We shifted the brand's story completely! From positive topics to direct communication about the chemical industry. Those who follow us know that we are talking about Labud – the brand that faces the challenge of an above-average number of deliveries of disinfectant products every day. We are proud to be a part of this story!

In addition to timely information and two-way communication, we also bring entertainment. Cleaning is becoming one of the main hobbies of the day, so why not have fun with it?!

Be supportive of your followers and give them new reasons to spend their days hanging out with your brand.

2. Location campaigns changed their direction toward an online world

Overnight, new measures arrived to suspend the operation of shopping centers, and what now?

Within 48 hours, we launched a new strategy for Elgrad that turns to apps, online orders, and the webshop. Inquiries keep coming, and our client is still going strong. It was crucial to react promptly to the new situation and get the most out of it in a short time. This situation is another proof of how it pays off to invest and be available on multiple platforms! Our recommendation to every client is always – do not depend on one platform.

3. Daily crisis communication

What if you are one of the institutions from which everyone is looking for an answer? For the Croatian Dental Chamber, we conduct daily communication where we share the essential information about new measures closely related to coronavirus and the impact on the world of dental services. This way, the Chamber remains relevant among its members and provides trust.

4. From stores to the webshop

Drugstores still have their doors open, but it's good to know that your customers can order favorite products from the safety of their homes. For Čupko, we adapted the content and made it clear that the webshop has everything they need. We adapted the content to the new strategy with giveaways, questionnaires, good lighting, and a camera, and we will continue to do so!


Once again, we want to emphasize that you stay present and actively participate in social media despite the feeling that the world has stopped. Maybe the streets are empty, but the online world is not. 

Organic reach has increased, video reviews as well, and new stories, whether of a humanitarian nature or those with a dose of humor that stem from this situation, have once again proved that the human spirit is hard to break! 

Be supportive of your followers and give them new reasons to spend their days hanging out with your brand. They want it!


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