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How to use Instagram Stories to increase your sales

How to use Instagram Stories to increase your sales

Instagram has stepped on the throne as the number 1 social network according to the number of user engagements! That proves that each photo posted on this platform gets an average of 23% more engagement than on Facebook.

Therefore, we are happy to see many new opportunities related to product promotion and easier access to landing pages to which you want to lead your users.

In this article, we want to pay special attention to the Instagram Stories option, which immediately after its launching proved to be an absolute success and dethroned Snapchat, which first introduced the option to stories that are only available for 24-hours on the profile and disappear afterward.

Here are some of our favorite features we like to use to promote products or services:


In just two clicks, followers can get a chance to buy your product! By linking Instagram to your Facebook profile, you can tag all the products you have introduced in your shop within the story. Cool, right?


GIF? Mention? Hashtag? Poll? Product? Which of these features do you like to use the most? Decorating your stories with this feature increases the chance of getting more views of your story or higher engagement, and encourages thinking about your product offer. P.S. Don't forget to include the Direct Messages sticker!


One of the most popular ways to engage a follower is still the Poll feature! If you use it in your posts, you have a chance of 30% higher visibility of your story, and if you use a video & poll together, that number will go up to 50%. You can create product quizzes or enjoy hanging out with your followers! Go!


Tag friends, brands, locations in your stories. All this increases your chance of visibility and relevance of what you want to show! You can also repost a story where followers are tagged and build a great relationship with them. Don't just stop at photos – use all the features that Instagram offers you when creating videos, live videos, playing with fonts, colors, etc.


We hope that these tips will bring you closer to the features you can use in the Instagram world so that your followers can hardly wait for the new stories! Of course, there are many more ways to take your stories to the next level besides those listed here. Our advice? Keep an eye on all the news and learn what you can do with the latest updates!

If all this seems too demanding for daily maintenance, we are here to launch your engagement in heights and popularize your brand in the Instagram world! Contact us!


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