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Simple tips to increase your Facebook reach

Simple tips to increase your Facebook reach

If you feel like your Facebook page organic reach is slowing down, here are some tips that may help you bring your engagement back up!

1. Design content that will encourage people to talk to each other

It is clear how creative and fun value-added content will prevail over others, and now is the time to pull out the best attributes and connect them to trends in the way you communicate. Facebook gives preference to posts that contain more text within the comments, not just friend tags! In that regard, it is better to focus on a few good topics than to annoy fans with dozens of unnecessary ones. Of course, it is different whether you sell PVC carpentry or are a local radio station, but you need to find the golden mean in everything.

One of the popular trends is approaching the user humanly and emotionally, and it is possible to adapt it regardless of the size of the brand.

2. Include Live Video content

Currently, more than 80% of brands do not use Live Video. This feature has a positive impact on users in terms of brand-related activities and will increase your reach. It applies almost everywhere – as Q&A, in events, news, beauty, fashion, sports, food & travel segment, and others. You do not have to make it visually perfect but to realistically convey emotion to the user, who will then be encouraged to participate.

3. Use Facebook ads

Attract users to visit your Facebook page using ads. Whether the goal is direct sales, collecting user data, registering, sending inquiries, proper ads will open the door to success. Explore between many options and find which ads work for you best!

4. Switch the conversation to Messenger

Customer interest in your offer puts you in an even better position if you talk to them directly. The Send message option within an ad or post is recommended for even more contacts and increased sales.

5. Publish content that is close to users

One of the popular trends is approaching the user humanly and emotionally, and it is possible to adapt it regardless of the brand's size. Use user-generated content, their comments, and reviews about the product or service! Also, do not forget about your story because photographs of your employees can bring users even closer to your brand.

6. Communicate with users on Facebook posts

We can often see that brands do not bother to communicate with customers, and it is a rarity to respond to inquiries or statements. The good (or bad news for the lazy) is that that time is long gone!

If you want more activity on the page, talk to users in your posts. It is important to emphasize that this way of communication encourages trust between your brand and its users.

7. Collaborate with other brands

If you have such a product or service that you can combine and collaborate with other brands, do it! It will do wonders for further discovery of your products and, at the same time, bring new followers to your pages!

In the current social media world, you need it all! 

From creativity, communication with customers to increasing the budget, you will invest in your brand. If everything is put together just right, success will be inevitable!

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