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We found an amazing way to engage Instagram audience

We found an amazing way to engage Instagram audience

Labud had started a socially responsible campaign in July 2019 highlighting the new edition of Čarli "Moj najbolji prijatelj" (My best friend), and by purchasing it, you donate 0,50 kn to animal association Prijatelji životinja (Animals Friends Croatia).

The goal was to reach the target audience, encourage the adoption of abandoned animals and raise awareness.

Except for Facebook and the official website, focus was also on Instagram, which became one of the most famous social media platforms. In this case, it represented an ideal path to the hearts of Labud's target audience.

More than 60 % of users visit their Instagram profile daily, posting Instagram stories, so we decided to use them to bring the topic of animal adoption and the limited edition of Čarli closer to them.

Instagram is linked to Giphy platform that enables its users to create and use previously created GIFs. We decided to bring to life the likable illustration of animals used on product packaging, TV commercials, and social media posts and make them into GIF animations that can be used in Instagram stories. The reactions followed the emotional and positive notes of the whole campaign.

From a technical viewpoint, Instagram is linked to the Giphy platform, enabling its users to create and use previously created GIFs. Labud's profile was recognized as a brand channel, and the animations became available through GIF search engine within Instagram stories and direct messages. You can check out the profile here!

Instagram stories support 'sticker GIF' – GIFs created with transparent background, while servers like WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, and Instagram chat use GIFs that do not necessarily have a transparent background.

If you wish to use Labud's GIFs in your Instagram stories, find them by searching some of the following terms: labud, carli, mojnajboljiprijatelj. Pick one or more (because, why not :D) and decorate your stories! Did you already choose your favorites?

Labud cares for its users and their pets, and that is why we are happy to be a part of Čarli "Moj najbolji prijatelj "campaign that certainly brought out many smiles and plenty of tail wags!

Want to have personalized GIFs for your brand? Contact us!


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