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Why should you consider doing an internship

Why should you consider doing an internship

An internship is a fantastic way to have your foot in the door of your desired career! You get to see your dream job position right away and determine whether or not this industry is right for you. It's an excellent opportunity to pick up new skills that will help you advance in your career, develop connections, and start building your network.

You should apply for an internship because a college diploma is no longer sufficient - it is critical to have prior experience! And then there's the famous circle: "I can't find a job unless I have experience, but I can't gain experience unless I have the opportunity to work." Well, the internship is the perfect solution to that problem! Furthermore, early in your career, this is the ideal way to gain valuable work experience.

My internship experience

I assumed that the perfect job would be waiting for me after graduation. My awards, my B.A., and the skills I acquired during my studies were all on display. As I sought to find a good job, the reality was completely different. One company was hiring a Social Media Manager, and I applied because it was my dream job. I didn't even get a response, and every other job application was the same. I eventually settled for a job that was not well paid but very time-consuming, and I was eager to find a way out.

Then an exciting post on Facebook popped up.

Inspiration Agency was hiring a Social Media Intern. It was a three-month program where I would learn all there was to know about managing social media. I was a little hesitant at first since we were talking about three months, and those were three months where I could make more money till I landed my dream job; at least, I thought that, and I was utterly wrong. After a few moments, I realized that this is a required step to advance in my career. It would provide me with valuable experience. So I pressed the "apply" button after uploading my application, CV, and portfolio, and after a week, a reply came, and they called me for an interview. Finally, after a few assignments, I started as a Social Media Intern. I didn't know what to expect since I had never been in an internship program like this.

To begin with, my mentors were wonderful and supportive, and they provided me with a clear answer to any question I asked. Second, there was never any "special treatment" because they treated me as an equal member of the team at all times. My efforts were not useless because my work was being published on social media.

Every day was a wonderful experience in which I learned something new. There was never a moment when I thought to myself, "I don't want to go today."

Was it worth it?

I regret not applying for more internships while as a student. This experience taught me that I was wasting my time going in the wrong direction. I cannot compare the knowledge I obtained at my university to the knowledge I gained by working "in the field."

Was it all worth it? YES. I gained many new skills and improved on those I already had; also, I was successfully hired as a Social Media Content Creator at the end of the internship. Other interns received great recommendations, and we all gained knowledge and skills that will help us develop in our careers.

I recommend every student to use every opportunity to apply for an internship. It is a far better use of your time than picking up random jobs.

Fortunately, Inspiration Agency frequently offers internship programs, allowing you to gain valuable digital marketing experience. Please join the team instead of wasting your time as I did! You can find all the details in the Career section.


Franjo K.

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