How to connect with the audience on
social networking sites?
Users who show an interest in a brand expect to encounter a place on social media where their opinions as customers are important. Just being present is not enough, it’s also important to create an online community that will offer them that place and communicate with them. In return, you get online users that will help you further develop your brand.

Customers that are interested in your brand expect their opinions as service users and product buyers to matter. It is not enough to only be present; it is more important to create an online community which will take into consideration customers’ opinions and communicate with them. In that way, you will have customers that will participate in the further development of your brand. We will illustrate how to accomplish this through several key steps. Social networking sites have changed the way in which we communicate with each other and have become an unavoidable tool for a growing number of brands which want to present their content to online users. Find out here how to better connect with them!

1. Defining the audience

Your relationship with the audience will not be successful until you know who you are actually talking to. The clearer the target audience, the better; since you will then know which content to present and will increase your chances of receiving valuable feedback. This is a key element in creating a community because you need to be sure that you are sharing the right content with the right customers at the right time.

2. Emotional appeal

If you have defined your audience, then you are aware of what kind of content might provoke a positive or negative reaction and what your customers are interested in. The content you publish should appeal to emotions. You need to show that there are real people behind your brand. You need to find common ground, use humor and show empathy.

3. Communicating with the audience

Customers that will visit your profile want to see content which will motivate them to participate. They need a place where they can ask a question, get an answer and feel important. You should publish content in form of questions, create surveys and always keep your response rate high.

4. Content presentation

Do not underestimate the power of visual communication. A nice content presentation opens the door to new opportunities, stands out in the news feed and motivates the user to join in and take part in the community. Eventually, you will be able to recognize which content suits your audience best and it is up to you to present it in the best way possible. Finally, do not forget that social networking sites are a powerful tool for brand development and maintaining relations with the target audience. It is pretty simple to set up a profile to represent your brand, however, in order for it to serve your customers and your customers, in turn, to serve you; it is required to put a bit more effort into it.

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