Learn about advertising trends
in 2017
Croatian companies have recognized the importance of marketing activities on digital platforms, which can be seen in the results of Digital Arena 2017 research, conducted by a digital marketing agency in cooperation with the business magazine Lider.

Participants included in the research were gathered from 371 companies which can be categorized into four groups according to the type of business they do: 1 companies that provide services; 2 companies engaged in trade; 3 companies that produce goods and provide services; 4 companies that combine all three types of business. More than 70% of the participants were company owners, CEOs and senior managers.

In the following year, most of the participants will either maintain or increase last year's media advertising budget - a trend directly linked with the overall increase in economic activity in Croatia and expected 3% gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

In average, 4 out of 5 participants announced maintaining or increasing last year’s budget, which might, in effect, cause an overall increase of marketing budget in 2017 in all the media: television, press, radio, outdoor advertising and the Internet. In an interview with Lider, our managing partner, Kristijan Pakšec, revealed all the details of the research.
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