Participate in the 2017
Digital Arena survey
To get a picture of the current state of advertising and present trends for the coming year, our digital marketing agency and the renowned business journal Lider invite you to participate in the annual 2017 Digital Arena survey to get answers to questions as to how companies that operate in Croatia can utilise advertising on online media in 2017.

In order to present both the current state of advertising and possible future trends, digital marketing agency and the business magazine Lider invite you to take part in annual Digital arena 2017 research. The research will provide insight into online media advertising methods of companies that operate in Croatia in 2017.

Online presence of companies on social media

To successfully cope with market dynamics, online presence on social media has become one of the companies’ strategic activities. It is a result of digital technology development and the possibilities it offers, which is why a great part of marketing activities is transferred to the Internet. This enables companies to be present the entire time and to be involved in real-time interaction with existing and potential customers.

Potential customers can be found on the Internet

According to relevant statistical data, the number of Internet users exceeds 3,5 billion, which means that almost every other person on the planet is connected to the Internet. It makes them potential consumers of content created by a company and, at the same time, a medium which can comment on and share that same content within the online community.

Take part in research

This is why we, once more, kindly ask you to participate in the Digital arena 2017 research and reveal trends in online advertising. All participants will receive research results which will help them to compare their company’s position on the business market and to facilitate the creation of marketing plans for the following year.

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