Online video
The world of digital advertising is specific due to exceptionally rapid changing trends, and in 2016 video adverts have been prominent. As a form of online advertising, video entered the marketing scene strongly in 2015. Though the presumption was that it would have a large effect on trends, it has exceeded all expectations and begun a real mini online revolution.

One of the characteristic features of the digital advertising world is the fast-paced change of trends. The most prominent trend in 2016 was video advertising. Although it was expected to have a huge impact, video advertising exceeded all expectations and fueled a real online revolution. Customers watch TV less and less while following multimedia content on the Internet more and more. This is the reason why half of the advertisers have decided to manage their budget differently in order to invest in video advertisement on social media networks such as YouTube and Facebook.

The main role of video ads is brand or product positioning in the market, but they also play a key role in making a decision to buy something. If produced wisely, they can show great sale results, so it is important to pay attention to the video content. The main difference in relation to standard TV commercials is the timing of the key message. In TV commercials it most often appears at the end of a commercial, while in online videos it must be shown in the first 5 seconds of the ad in order to encourage the viewer to watch the entire video. Although TV commercials can still be seen on online platforms very often, it should be avoided.

Video ads are a great tool for attracting customers’ attention and enabling the brand to stand out among others. Also, their CTR (click-through-rate) of 1,84% is higher than of any other form of digital advertising. They are shown on all types of devices and their popularity is expected to keep increasing until 2020. But, most importantly, customers enjoy watching them!
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