7 tips
for a more successful Instagram profile
There is no doubt that it is important to have an Instagram profile in order to strengthen your brand. With more than 500 million users, it is an excellent platform for creating a positive brand image and connecting with (potential) customers. In order to have a successful Instagram profile, it is necessary to constantly increase the number of followers. After all, if more people come across your brand and start following your Instagram profile, the possible reach of every new post will become wider. Also, except for the advertising part, it is completely free! We are going to list seven tips we recommend to follow, if you want your Instagram business profile to be more successful. Let’s do it one by one!

1. Free Instagram tools do all the work for you

Let’s think about the copy on the home page of your Instagram profile. There are a lot of features that are seemingly trivial: contact information, a profile description and a profile picture. You should keep the description short and simple since no one logs in to Instagram to read texts. It should consist of high-quality brand description and information on how to find you.

One of the advantages of the business profile is the analytics tool, which makes it possible to get details on the reach of your posts, engagement from your followers, post impressions and so on. You can get to know your audience very well with the help of these tools – what type of content they like and engage in the most and at what time of the day they are most likely to be online, which helps to decide when the best time to post photos is.

2. Instagram and Facebook – best buddies

You have already created a community of followers that like your brand on other social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.? Ask them to follow you on Instagram as well!

If they already follow you on other social media networks, it means they are obviously interested in what you have to offer. Give them another means of staying close to you. You need your followers to be connected to most of your profiles in order to be sure that your content has reached them.

3. Don’t be a bore!

It is definitely a good idea to post your content often so that your brand would stay relevant, but trust me, swamping your fans’ news feed with posts has a much worse effect than posting only once a week.

You should experiment with this for a while. You should start by posting quite often, say once a day, and then gradually decrease the frequency of your posts while paying attention to the results the entire time. This brings us back to the first tip. Statistics can be of great help here since you can check whether posting once a day has better or worse reach and engagement than posting once a week. Until you find the optimal number of posts per week, keep experimenting.

4. Show interest in your followers

Try to remember how you feel when you text someone and they do not reply until the next day or do not reply at all. Your followers feel the same way when you do not reply to their comments.

If someone comments on your posts, reply as soon as possible, even with just a ‘Thank you’ or an emoticon. This simple method of responding to comments generates loyal followers, that is, promoters of your brand. Also, you can get them involved by asking, for example, to tag three friends that might like a certain post. Since a friend’s recommendation usually means less resistance, it will result in a greater number of followers.

5. #arecognizablehashtag

Creating a recognizable hashtag clears the way for instant fan engagement and makes it easier to find you in the sea of other brands.

6. Make use of other people’s posts

There are numerous apps with which you can download Instagram photos in order to repost them. In that way, someone might return the favor – they might use one of your posts and present your brand to their audience.

7. Be creative

With creative posts, as opposed to those that look like a regular advertisement, you will create a firmer bond with your followers and expand your Instagram reach. Making an effort really does pay off.
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