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222,16% higher reach using video content

222,16% higher reach using video content

Video recipes for Čarli in collaboration with product users

Markets/ Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina


How to keep the number 1 position on the market and attract younger generations of customers? Big question Labud asked us during our meeting while planning a new direction for our campaigns.


We decided to put users first and use the growing popularity of video content! With Facebook posts and ads, we engaged over 300 users that sent us practical recipes featuring dish detergent Čarli. The best ones we used to show in videos that we later posted on social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

For users who love to have everything in one place, we created a simple and easy-to-use PDF document with all the recipes.

We successfully managed to create an interest from followers between the ages of 24 and 35 and reached over 360.000 unique users with our videos.


Photo and video production, Content and Community Management for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Facebook Ads: Sponsored Post, YouTube Video Ads, Graphic and digital design, Copywriting 

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