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9.444,44% ROAS with Facebook and Instagram Ads

9.444,44% ROAS with Facebook and Instagram Ads

How we enabled market share for webshop

Market/ Croatia

CHALLENGE decided to offer the Croatian public an opportunity to buy products from the most wanted Dutch furniture brands. The job was straightforward – we needed to create a campaign to increase sales and position as a relevant furniture dealer in a highly competitive market.


We focused on storytelling using eye-catching images, precisely chosen ad formats, and targeting users by demographics, interests, and locations. 

A good story goes a long way, and 9.444,44% ROAS shows that Facebook and Instagram advertising give an excellent result in the world of e-commerce - if you know how to set things up. The campaign was a massive success, and became a new it place for buying high-quality furniture!


Facebook & Instagram Ads, Image Ads, Sponsored Post, Canvas, Collection Ads, Core Audiences, Facebook pixel, Instagram Stories Ads, Newsletter, Content & Community Management for Facebook and Instagram.

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