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Holiday campaign for increasing store visits

Holiday campaign for increasing store visits

Bringing more customers using localized Facebook Ads

Market/ Croatia


Yves Rocher is one of the world's leading brands of botanical-based cosmetic products! You can find its stores in three locations in Zagreb (among other cities). The goal is to attract as many new customers as we can to visit stores during the holidays!


Our target group is women between the age of 24 and 35 who love shopping! That is why we offered a captivating visual experience showing new limited editions of products made for Christmas time. Using location ad targeting, every second user of our targeted group has seen our messages.

We also used newsletters that invited everyone to visit Yves Rocher stores, which was the perfect support for the already successful story! As a result, the limited edition was sold out in just 53 days, which is our favorite Christmas present!


Photo and Video production, Content and Community Management for Facebook, Facebook Ads: Sponsored Post, Graphic and digital design, Copywriting 

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