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Online sales revenue growth by more than 60% for MySun

Online sales revenue growth by more than 60% for MySun

How we managed to double up online sales for Koop and their brand my MySun

Market/ Croatia


Koop, a Slovenian company, began its journey by selling adhesives and adhesive tapes in 1990. They've grown exponentially and are managing four brands in different market segments, with a facility with over 3,000 square meters of storage, production, and service space.

In 2020 they created the line of electrical heating products under the MySun brand, intending to introduce them to the Croatian and Slovenian markets via the webshop, so they reached for a marketing agency to help them achieve their goals.


After the discovery workshop, which was fundamental for defining business goals, we conducted thorough market research and analyzed the competition. This is essential because we wanted to provide the best possible strategy and outmatch industry standards. In simple words, we needed to figure out every potential market risk and opportunity and deeply understand the target audience to propose an efficient marketing strategy.

Research also helped us to select marketing channels and optimize tactics to test each channel properly. Firstly, we needed solid analytics and measurement tools to understand the efficiency of advertising spending through the return on ads spend (ROAS) metric.

We learned that to be able to sell complex products such as electrical floor heating online, appropriate educational content at the web shop was crucial, and ad messages were adopted there to start the spark for the user journey. To be honest, the buying cycle was much different than what was initially expected, but we figured it out and maximized each step.

As a result, they have been consistently increasing web shop sales via several PPC marketing channels, including Google SEM, Google display, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Midas network, and others. Their online sales revenue increased by 64% compared to the previous year.

Our partnership with Koop expanded even further since they trusted us to lead campaigns for their other brands; Ekogradnja, KoopAutomotive, and KoopChem.


Web Design, Graphic Design, Content production, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Tracking Code, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Shop, Midas Ads, Midas Pixel, and much more.

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